About AdMaven

Experts in managing and monetizing high volumes of traffic from around the globe.


Ad Maven serves over 15 Billion impressions on a monthly basis, in the display sphere. We have partnerships with more than 80 networks from around the globe, in order to maximize the quality of our ad inventory and its diversity and thus to better optimize all types of traffic.


Our vast network of Publishers knows no limit! As long as we find quality users with high brand engagement activities and purchase intents – we will find a way to reach them through top performing and niche focused publishers. Our Publishers enjoy the best advertisers out there and large variety of Ads. We use our top optimization system and together we reach maximum revenue for our Publishers’ inventory.


Our Mobile Platform is built by our in-house experts to help you increase users’ engagement and simultaneously improve their experience. The Mobile Platform will improve your app distribution and Click-Through-Rate within app users around the globe. Finally, easily integrate our different ad formats to fit you needs and boost monetization and ROI. Contact us for more information on our Mobile Platform.

About Us

We are an avantgarde, innovative, digital display advertising network. On the one hand, we strive to improve CTR and conversion rates for our advertisers. On the other hand, we work hard on maximizing the yields for our publishers. We are able to do so by combining great expertise and experience together with high motivation and aspiration for constant improvement. At Ad-Maven, we place our partnerships and relationships at the top of our pyramid and that constitutes as the foundation of our work.