Criteo Publisher​ ​Marketplace

Criteo Publisher​ ​Marketplace

Gain higher ad revenue with our premium network and proven connection technology.

Tap into top quality demand and bigger returns.

Through our direct advertiser relationships and superior technology, Criteo is able to drive higher ROI for publishers in our marketplace. Our machine-learning capabilities intelligently match publishers with thousands of advertisers worldwide to provide better CPMs, along with complete control and transparency.

How Criteo Publisher
Marketplace Works for You

Premium advertisers,
quality ads.

Tap into our expansive network of premium advertisers with the world’s top brands to display relevant, personalized, brand-appropriate ads.

Visibility and
dedicated support.

Work with our dedicated account managers for ultimate control and transparency to continuously maximize your results.

Maximum revenue
starts here.

Access 16,000+ advertisers worldwide.

Work with the right premium advertisers. We leverage our direct relationships and unique insights into the buying behaviors of individual shoppers.

See 20-40% traffic monetization.

Ensure better ROI with the help of our core technology, which directly connects your valuable inventory to our quality demand.

Profit from continuous optimization.

Directly match user’s cookies in real-time and capture more spend from Criteo, which values impressions based on a shopper’s propensity to convert.

Keep your advertising partners.

Any impression we can’t sell above your floor price is transparently passed back for you to monetize with your usual partners – so you never lose out on impressions or opportunities.

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