Welcome to our thread for, CPM based publisher side ad network.

We offer the following ad formats:
300×250 , 728×90 , 160×600 and pop under ads.
Its fast and easy to sign up as a publisher and we look to approve sites submitted into our network within a few hours.

– We offer payment via PayPal every 2 weeks.
– 99.9% fill rate for top geo’s
– Adult sites accepted as we have select advertisers for them
– Connected to top exchanges so we can command a high bid price for every impression sold
– Easy to get started, join us, submit site, get the ad code and start earning.

As part of our offer to digitalpoint members we can offer you as a publisher a $10 join bonus for a limited time only, which will be added to your account when you join.

Just message support letting them know you joined from digitalpoint and we will credit your account.

Only $20 needed to reach payout threshold, which includes your $10 bonus!

Come and try us today and let us see what we can do for your revenue.

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