Unative Ad Network

Unative Ad Network

Unative is a new and unique video advertising network which is focused on native ads. The simple goal is to make video ads more human-centric. The network features  eye-catching video ads and you don’t need to have a video content on your website to start using them. The ads are good and offers 100% viewability and are non-intrusive.

Publishers can start making money with these high paying video native ads which Unative claims to have highest CPM rates in the industry having an average CPM of $15.  You will have ad units which are only related to your content, you won’t need any additional players to install and you will have a personal account manager to work with. They provide almost 100% fill rate and branded ads.

Advertisers can reach their target audience in all the platforms such as desktop or mobile. There is very high chance that your video ad will be played. Unative currently works with brand safe publishers and hence you can expect top quality traffic and viewership.

The platform currently supports Video slider and In-Roll video ad units which are high performing ad units.

Unative Network Details
Commission Type CPM
Minimum Payout $100
Payment Frequency Net 30
Payment Method PayPal, Wire Transfer
Country Ukraine
Ad Serving International

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