XupMedia Network Description

XupMedia Network Description

We would like to introduce you to XupMEDIA. We are a newly launched ad network that handles adult pop-unders for both desktop and mobile devices.

We offer 100% transparency for both publishers and advertisers, and our goal is to offer a safe and profitable advertising environment for both sides.

Experience pop-under advertising as it should be. No unknown sources, no blind traffic and no malware. Our dedicated team handles everything manually while not imposing any limitations.

* No minimum withdraw amount and no minimum deposit amount via PayPal.
* Instantly processed deposits and withdraws.
* Real-time statistics and reports.
* Complete list of available campaigns and publisher websites.
* 100% client control.

We know that there are many other ad networks out there, and most people think we can’t bring anything new, but we all have to start somewhere. Give us a chance and we guarantee we’ll make the most of it!
XupMedia Network Details
Commission Type: CPM , Adult
Minimum Payment: $ 1
Payment Frequency: On Request
Payment Method: Paypal, Wire
Country: Romania
Contact: Telephone:
Email: contact@xupmedia.com

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